In Beyond Beautiful, the first volume of The Song Trilogy, Jan Bornstein introduces a larger-than-life pair of characters and the tortured lives they lead as they strive for something like normalcy in the glare of the media – where every rumor of happiness or grief becomes grist for the gossip mill, where every public moment is chronicled in close-up by paparazzi armed with cameras.

287 pages, trade paperback, 6 x 8.75 inches, ISBN 978-0-9767590-9-6 Published by Back Channel Press         $13.95



Sweet Emotions is the second book in The Song Trilogy that began with Beyond Beautiful. In Beyond Beautiful, rock stars Jenna Bradford and Scott Tenny managed to find love – perhaps the truest love either had ever experienced – in spite of the chaos of the worlds in which they lived. Hardly youngsters, these two arrived at the doors of love with complicated pasts and emotional baggage that would leave the sturdiest Cupid staggering.Now we rejoin Jenna and Scott as their frenzied lives careen off in new and equally unexpected directions.

312 pgs, trade paper, 6″x9″, Romance/Fiction, ISBN 978-1-934582-05-3           Published by: Back Channel Press        $13.95


Jan Bornstein wraps up her Song Trilogy with more of what her fans have come to expect.

Deuces are Wild, the much anticipated conclusion to the Song Trilogy, follows Jenna and Scott in a journey back to one another after a heart wrenching separation. Betrayal, blackmail, kidnapping, even murder, dog these two-of-a-kind music icons as they fight for their lives and their love. The shocking ending will leave readers gasping.

320 pgs, trade paper, 6″x9″, Romance/Fiction, ISBN13: 978-1-934582-09-1. Published by Back Channel Press    $13.95


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