Jan Bornstein wraps up her Song Trilogy with more of what her fans have come to expect.

Deuces are Wild, the much anticipated conclusion to the Song Trilogy, follows Jenna and Scott in a journey back to one another after a heart wrenching separation. Betrayal, blackmail, kidnapping, even murder, dog these two-of-a-kind music icons as they fight for their lives and their love. The shocking ending will leave readers gasping.

Apex Review

If your a fan of Rock and Roll or just enjoy a good suspense filled romance then your going to enjoy Deuces are Wild, the third book in The Song Triology written by Jan Bornstein.

In this story rocker Jenna Bradford Tenny and her husband Scott, while at the top of their game in the music industry are having problems at home. With the birth of their premature son Zachary demanding around the clock hospital care, Jenna has made the baby her first priority, feeling guilty if she is away from him, add that to a grueling tour schedule how can the two find any time for each other? When lies, murder, blackmail, and a kidnapping are woven into the story you have to wonder if the couple’s marriage can survive!

This book gives the reader a very accurate glimpse of what celebrities must endure, their lives always being scrutinized by the public. While some of the issues Scott and Jenna face are things that could happen to anyone they are magnified so much more because they are in the spotlight. The characters were shown as very real people, flaws and all, which made them easy to like. Jenna was especially easy to relate to, wanting another child even though there were health issues to consider, it became easy to see how important family was to her.

While this book was the third in the Deuces are Wild series, the author gives us enough background information that it can easily be read alone, I haven’t read the first two and had no problems jumping right into the story.

If you enjoy fast paced stories that take you on a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns, with an unexpected ending then you are going to love Deuces are Wild! Brenda Casto

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