Sweet Emotions is the second book in The Song Trilogy that began with Beyond Beautiful. In Beyond Beautiful, rock stars Jenna Bradford and Scott Tenny managed to find love – perhaps the truest love either had ever experienced – in spite of the chaos of the worlds in which they lived. Hardly youngsters, these two arrived at the doors of love with complicated pasts and emotional baggage that would leave the sturdiest Cupid staggering.

Now we rejoin Jenna and Scott as their frenzied lives careen off in new and equally unexpected directions. Both stars in their own rights, these lovers share lifestyles that make normal life and love difficult, if not impossible. Somehow amidst the madness that is musical fame, these two manage to find each other and meld their lives and their music into a harmony that is as sweet as it is undeniable. As Sweet Emotions opens, Jenna and Scott are excited to be expecting a child, which can only further deepen – and further complicate – their special relationship. They continue their struggle to attain a life and happiness together that each so richly deserves, one where bitter, difficult truths can be eclipsed by Sweet Emotions.       Apex Review

Once again Jan takes us behind the scenes of the Livin-Large HIGHS and lows of the music industry and it’s STARS. More DRAMA, More SUSPENSE, MORE LOVE and of course More ROMANCE ROCK-N-ROLL’n await everyone in the second book of The Song Trilogy- Sweet Emotions. I’m only about a third of the way through but I’m LOVING it!!!! Can’t wait for book number three to come out… We should definately watch for what else Jan has in store for us in the future!!! Book Diva

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