Nurse versus Author

As a nurse for many years, I have worked in different fields and with different age groups. I have seen babies being born, good outcomes from illness or injury, bad outcomes and even death. I’ve seen many changes in the health care systems both good and not so good.
When my friends and family learned I was writing a book, it came as no surprise to me they thought it had something to do with my nursing career. Imagine their surprise when they found that was the farthest topic on my mind when I began my writing.
I wanted to focus on an interest in my personal life. The world of music that I became involved with as a young child. I started out learning how to play the piano from my great aunt. She was an avid pianist and teacher. I played for many years although I must admit I wasn’t that good. I always liked listening to different types of music as I became older. In high school I was a member of the glee club, chorus and played the trumpet in the band. I had friends that played in bands and would go listen to them.
For whatever reason many of us have a fascination with celebrities. It doesn’t matter if it’s sports, politicians, movies stars or singers we just can’t get enough news about them. Books have been written and movies have been made about their lives. Most of the time it just involves their professional lives. It’s rare to read or see a movie about the personal side of them. It’s certainly not easy to obtain personal information to make that movie or write that book. However there is no reason you can’t take information you can find then come up with your story if you’re an author. Their personal lives aren’t really much different from you and I or are they? Being a lover of music it would be interesting to read about the personal lives of singers.  It was even better writing about them.

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